Real Smokesta Incredible Work Ethic Impressed Spice 1

Often you’ll see artists rapping in front of their favorite artists with hopes and dreams of getting a deal.That wasn’t the case for Thug World South artist Real Smokesta.He didn’t have to spit one rhyme or meet Spice 1 in person.He already knew about Real Smokesta.A Southern lyricist from Temple,Texas.The only artist from Texas on the roster.Instead of spamming and rapping for Spice 1 he jumped on the compilation “The United Underground Of America” with his single “I’m From Texas”.Not only was the Bay Area legend impressed by the song, he was impressed how professional Real Smokesta carried his self.You would think he already had a team,a manager,a booking agent or a street team but it was just him.He had structure.He had value.He had himself a deal from Spice 1.His debut single “It’s Your Time” featuring Spice 1 will be released this fall.

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