Real Smokesta On Collaborating With R&B Legend El Debarge Son - El Debarge Jr

R&B singer and friend Dookie Blu introduced me to El Jr 4 years ago.He told me I should collaborate with him in the future.4 years later I did.

When I came up with the chorus, I sent it to my label Thug World South.Q Bosilini received it.He likes it but told me it’s missing something.He said he could hear someone singing on it.I agreed.I first thought about Dirty 3rd Records artist Chalie Boy but got sidetracked on the idea.I remembered what Dookie Blu told me years ago.Plus me and El Jr followed each other on social media platforms.

So I searched El Debarge Jr on google and listened to his music for a whole day.I was then convinced he was the perfect guy for my project.So I reached out to him.Gave him my concept and what I needed.We exchanged numbers and he went straight to work.

The next day he called me letting me know he recorded a rough draft from his home studio and wanted to see if I approved it before he record in the studio with his engineer.It was dope.I was impressed.

Two days later he emailed it to me,which was right on time because I had a studio session myself the next day.Got with my engineer and we just got creative with his voice.Glad I wasn’t closed minded about bringing El Debarge Jr in on the record.The man can sing!

Look for Real Smokesta & El Debarge Jr project to drop this fall.


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